February 26, 2020

Our Top 5 Salons in Palos Hills

At Hair Professionals Career College we’re proud to have a location in Palos Hills, Illinois. As part of the Palos Hills community, we wanted to highlight some of the excellent salons near us! While it was hard to choose, we’ve highlighted five salons that have great values and talented stylists. This is what we hope our students aspire to become!

Each of these salons offers a variety of standard hair services like cutting, coloring, and styling. Some of the salons offer additional services such as nails and waxing.

Here are our top picks and why they made it on our list!

1. Aspire Salon

This salon has been around for over 30 years! Their mission is to provide quality and professional salon service. One thing we love about this salon is that they place a high value on honesty. They strive to be honest about their pricing. They can tell you what the upfront costs are, and any additional add-ons, whereas other salons might be deceitful about extra charges for toners and other treatments.

A unique service this salon offers is electrolysis. Electrolysis is a type of hair removal treatment, and it is rare to be able to get a service like this in a salon that does hair too.

Along with electrolysis and hair services, they also do waxing and nails. With a wide variety of services like these, you can book several services in one day and have a self-care day.

We loved the look of this brunette ombre from Aspire Salon!

2. Extasy Hair Studio & Spa

Are you looking for professional services in a family-oriented environment? If you are, then this is the perfect salon for you! They offer hair, nail, and massage services. Extasy Hair Studio and Spa views their clients as the most important asset to their business. If you are looking for a salon that values you and cares about your opinion, this could be a perfect fit for you.

Their Facebook page has many pictures of elegant updos. Here are a couple of looks we loved!

3. Express Hair

This is a salon that is focused solely on hair. They do a wide variety of styling, coloring, and cutting techniques. At Express Hair, the team wants you to feel comfortable with the way you look! Their job is to help you enhance your natural beauty and feel good in your own skin. Their values and hairstyling skills are something we hope our own students will feel inspired to replicate.

Look at these beautiful hairstyles from Express Hair Salon!

4. Salon 1 Studio

Salon 1 Studio takes pride in their full service salon. We love that they customize every experience to fit the customer’s needs. Being willing to work with clients and to make a hairstyle unique to fit their own style can be so important. They are actively posting luscious curls and fun braided updos for formal events on their Instagram. If you have a dance coming up, this is the place to go.


5. Janek Styrczula Salon

Don’t forget that the aesthetic of a salon can set an overall tone or mood for the clients. Our favorite part about this salon is the trendy interior! They have black leather chairs perfectly lined up, along with pops of red accents in the salon. Their services include blowouts, special occasions styles, men’s cuts, and women’s haircuts.

Their Instagram is full of gorgeous hairstyles and a look into the beautiful salon interior! Check it out.


Looking For More Salons?

Visit our student salon in Palos Hills. You can get your hair done by one of our students and become part of their educational experience. All services are provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

Can you see yourself potentially working at one of these salons? Hair Professionals Career College has a great cosmetology program that can help you achieve your dreams. Become part of our fun culture!


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