April 20, 2022

Beauty Trends for 2022

This year is all about celebrating the skin you’re in – with bright colors, bold cuts, and sparkle and shine. Whether you’re styling yourself or helping to guide your clients, don’t be afraid to dive into new trends. Below, Hair Professionals Career College shares some of the newest beauty trends that are likely to become more and more popular in 2022.  

Hair Trends

Looking for the latest styles to recommend to your clients? Consider these 2022 hairstyle trends:

Bronde Hair

One of 2022’s biggest trends will be bronde hair color: a combination of blonde and brown ombré or balayage. This warm color is almost universally flattering, looks natural, and works on both straight and curly hair. Bronde locks have been spotted on celebrities from Hailey Bieber to Beyonce to Khloe Kardashian.


According to Harper’s BAZAAR, both long bangs and very short “baby” bangs will be on-trend this season, as more and more celebrities show up on the red carpet with a new fringe. An edge brush will help keep short hairs in place, while a wide round brush makes it easy to blow dry longer bangs.

The Big Chop

Have you noticed movie stars and actresses getting major haircuts? Whether it’s a textured bob or a pixie cut, lots of people are getting the big chop – cutting off their long lengths in favor of shorter, more playful styles. As a stylist, you can help advise your clients on which kinds of short styles best flatter their face shape. While shorter hair may require a bit more styling, you’ll use fewer products and it takes less time to blow-dry.

Clean Beauty Products

Today’s consumers are more sustainability-minded than ever, so clients will be looking for hair care products without harsh chemicals or additives. As a stylist, you can help your clients be conscious consumers by offering salon products that are eco-friendly, aren’t tested on animals, and use recycled materials in their packaging.

Makeup Trends

With the help of Instagram and TikTok, new makeup trends are going viral more quickly than ever. Here are some of the up-and-coming makeup looks we’ll see more of in 2022:

Thin Brows

After several seasons where thicker brows were the trend, thin brows are now making a comeback. As 90s styles come back around, groomed brows are back in vogue. For clients who aren’t ready to tweeze their natural brows, applying a brow gel can create the illusion of a thinner, more uniform line.

Lash Extensions

Long lashes have always been a flattering look, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. For people who don’t have naturally long eyelashes, eyelash extensions can make a huge difference. Proper lash application and removal are key here – as is properly cleaning and sanitizing your tools. Makeup artists can help their clients get this look by completing a lash extension certification as part of their esthetics training.

Glazed Skin

Fresh, dewy skin is always in style – and this will continue in 2022. A super-moisturized, glossy look is increasingly popular – influencers are calling it “glazed donut” skin. Moisturizing facials with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, gentle exfoliation, and other skin treatments can help clients achieve this look.


Whether it’s in your lip gloss, nail polish, or eye shadow, glitter is everywhere in 2022. Go full glam with a glittery contouring highlighter, or if you have a client who wants a more subtle look, try just a touch of shine with a cream eye shadow.

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