January 27, 2017

New Year, New Hair

Each new year brings along a batch of hot trends in makeup, hair, and fashion. If you want to be the trendiest person in Spring of 2017, you’ve got to check out the newest hairstyles. Here at Hair Professionals Career College, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest. You know what they say: new year, new hair.

Braids for Days

Crown braids, tight braids, updo braids, we love them all! A fantastic braid can give you a formal look in almost no time. Check out how the coolest celebs are wearing them:

Today on ELLE.com: braids, braids braids. Head to the site to see 27 ideas for every hair type.

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Top Knot

A high bun has been on the list of the hottest hairstyles for a few years now. We know they’re still going strong because they have transformed into several types, from tiny top knots to double top knots.

Natural Hair

At the end of 2016, we saw a huge rise in embracing your natural hair. We’re not going to argue with that! Please let this trend continue on into 2017 and all the years to come.

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Unkempt Updo

We all know how easy it is to put your hair up in a bun, and move on. Unkempt updos are just as effortless! Chignon’s with a piecy front look? We’re in love.

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What is your favorite 2017 trend? Make sure to share with us on Facebook! If you want to learn the art of creating hair trends yourself, you might want to consider pursuing a cosmetology education. For more info on what a cosmetologist does and the careers they can have, check out our blog posts on the topics!

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