November 30, 2018

New Partnership With Davines

At Hair Professionals Career College, we want our students to learn with fantastic products, which is why we’re excited to announce that we are going to be partnering with Davines to bring their products to the school! Davines (pronounced “DA-vi-ness”) is a brand known for sustainability and natural beautification, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring their products to our students.

What is Davines?

Davines is a cosmetic brand that was founded in 1983 in Parma, Italy. The company was founded be the Bollati family, and has been a family-owned ever since. They place a massive focus on creating sustainable products with a minimum impact on the environment. Natural, quality ingredients are just part of what it means to be Davines!

The Davines Group is most well-known for their [comfort zone] brand, which supplies outstanding beauty products for salons and spas all around the world. The products take inspiration and influence from all corners of the globe. The company has Italian roots with a multicultural vision, which allows Davines to continually create new and innovative products. Davines is present in countries all around the world with multiple offices and buildings. They even constructed Davines Village, which is designed to be an environmentally friendly facility that encourages creativity and experimentation. The mission at Davines is to be responsible, ethical, and beautiful, and we want to be part of that!

Why Davines?

We want nothing but the best for our students, and the Davines products through [comfort zone] and other product lines are the quality we need. Davines also embodies a spirit of responsibility and mindfulness that we want out students to feel at Hair Professionals Career College. Teaching these principles through the products we use at the school can help students be more responsible and mindful as well!

Davines is also a popular product brand in many salons and spas, which can help our students when they become professional cosmetologists or estheticians. Familiarity with these products can help them make better recommendations for clients and upsell in salons. It’s a great way to elevate what a graduate can bring to their careers.

Learn Beauty With Hair Pros

Are you interested in getting your hands on the Davines brand and other outstanding brands like it? You can find a career you’re passionate through our cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technology programs. Contact us to learn more about how you can get started today!

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