January 27, 2020

New Hair Professionals Career College Scholarships for Summer Start Dates![Updated 2022]

Hair Professionals Career College has some awesome news: We’re offering scholarships to 2022 high school graduates who enroll in our June and July cosmetology programs! We’re so excited to provide this opportunity because it can help make dreams for our students possible!

About the Scholarships

These scholarships are limited to 2022 high school graduates who are enrolling at Hair Professionals Career College for a cosmetology program starting in either June or July of 2022. The scholarship amounts for each schedule are listed below:

  • Full-time day: $2000
  • Part-time day: $2000
  • Full-time night: $1000
  • Part-time night: $1000
  • 2 day flex: $1000
  • 3 day flex: $1000

We are also offering an esthetics scholarship for $500. Students choosing any esthetics schedule may apply.

For more information about class times for each schedule, contact our admissions office!

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What Are the Requirements?

These scholarships are offered to students on a merit-based system. Students work towards earning them while they’re in school, looking exclusively at their Hair Professionals Career College performance. This means that regardless of your academic performance before attending Hair Professionals Career College, you have an opportunity to earn a scholarship! Here are the basic requirements to be eligible:

  • Have 95% class attendance
  • Maintain 90% GPA
  • Graduate in the schedule you originally enrolled in
  • Meet all other graduation requirements

If you meet this criteria, you are eligible to apply! There is no limit to the number of students who can apply, and no limit to the number of students who can earn a scholarship! The scholarship is awarded as a credit to the student’s tuition balance once it has been earned. This means you are basically being paid for being a good student!

Start With Hair Professionals Career College!

Use this scholarship to help fund the beauty future of your dreams! Contact our admissions department for more information on how you can get started at Hair Professionals Career College this summer!

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