December 21, 2018

How Can I Style Box Braided Hair?

Box braids are a great protective hairstyle for natural hair. However, if you’ve been rocking your braids for a while you might be looking for a bit of a change. Just because you’ve got box braids doesn’t mean your hair needs to look the same every day! Here are our suggestions for styling box braided hair:

  • Put it half-up, half-down
  • Try a bun
  • Do a high ponytail
  • Create a fishtail braid


Put it Half-Up, Half-Down

A half-up, half-down hairstyle is universally cute for any type of hair and looks especially stylish with box braids. To achieve this style, start with clean, slightly damp hair. Take the top ⅓ or ¼ of your braids and twist them away from your face in one upward direction. Wrap that twist around its base and create a loop. Secure the bun with some bobby pins or hair ties if you need extra security. Smooth down any flyaways with serum and you’re good to go!


Try a Bun

To really get all that hair out of your way, nothing beats a simple bun. This style works for a casual lazy day or a day at the office. All you need is a sturdy hair tie and some bobby pins. Pull your hair together where you want your bun’s center to start and fasten it with the hair tie. Twist the ponytail around the hair tie until it reaches the end. Tuck the ends of your braids into the tie to secure your bun. Wind loose ends as far as they can go around the bun and then put those into the tie as well. Use bobby pins anywhere the bun feels loose. When you’re done, leave your bun as is or accessorize it with scarves, barrettes, hairpins, or headbands!


Do a High Ponytail

High ponytails are everywhere right now. Why not jazz up your box braids with one? Begin with clean hair. Gather all of the hair to the place you want the ponytail to be, whether it’s the back of your head or on one of the sides. Don’t be too rough as you gather your hair into the high ponytail, as you don’t want to cause any breakage. Create a loose ponytail and hold onto it. Then, take a few strands of your braids to wrap them around the ponytail base. To secure the ponytail, take the ends of your braided strand and weave it through the base to secure the ponytail. Bobby pin where needed and you’ve got a ponytail without any hair ties! If you do want to use a hair tie for extra security, substitute this last step with a durable scrunchie or elastic band that’s big enough to fit around your braids!


Create a Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are awesome because they look much more intricate and complicated than they actually are. Creating a fishtail braid with hair that’s in box braids? Now that’s a look! Choose which side you want your braid and separate your box braids into equal parts. Pull some braids from the part in the back and bring them to the front. Then take braids from the front and pull them through the back. Continue doing this down the length of your hair and remember to keep going until the end. Secure the end with a clear elastic and that’s it! You’ve got a killer fishtail braid to show off.


Follow Your Passion for Hair

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