January 9, 2018

Embrace Valentine’s Day in Your Style This February!

We wear our hearts on our sleeves year round. It’s time to wear them everywhere else! We have taken it upon ourselves to find how you can contribute to the month of love into your everyday style all month long. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day! That means love is in the air!

Spread the Love Through Your Outfit

Adding a touch of hearts can do wonders to your everyday outfit. Find some tights or socks with hearts on them and rock those suckers with your favorite outfit!

black socks with red hearts laid out on a wood table

Love is in the (H)air!

Who says you can’t dress up your hair for the occasion? A subtle accessory or even the way you style your hair can make the month of love even more exciting! A simple bun can turn into a heart with some bobby pins and hairspray!

close up of a white pearl barrette in a girl's hair

Right At Your Fingertips!

Valentine’s Day themed nails are a great reminder to yourself to keep celebrating throughout the month. You can go for a classic design, something sweet and simple, or show off your art skills and go all out.
This nail design kept it simple and sweet and we are major fans.

woman's hands with heart painted fingernails holding a cup of coffee

Love Your Face

Mix things up by experimenting with the colors of love. Add accents of red, purple, and pink to your everyday look!

woman getting her makeup done

Keep it Simple

If you aren’t that into making a big statement with your style, that’s okay! You can wear simple jewelry that gives a nod to Valentine’s Day. Small pieces like a ring, bracelet, necklace, hair pin, or purse is just enough!

woman in a pink blouse wearing a heart necklace

Celebrate in Style

Valentine’s Day is such a fun way to express yourself in different ways through your style. Go out of your comfort zone a bit and try something new! Share your creations on our Facebook page!

woman in leopard print dress standing in front of a red wall mural that says "love"

Take These Looks Out

Have a hot date for Valentine’s Day? Use one of these looks when you go out! Take our quiz on what your “first date look” should be!

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