October 18, 2016

Easy Halloween Costumes to Fit Your Personality

Struggling to pick the perfect Halloween costume? Make sure to take our quiz to find out what your personality says you should be! After you’ve determined what the perfect costume is, use these easy tutorials to create your look!

Black Swan

If you got the quiz result “The Center of Attention” you probably want to be dressed up as an iconic movie star. Here is a tutorial from Courtney Little Makeup to follow to make the perfect Black Swan getup.

Hot Sauce Packets

If your personality was deemed “Squad Centered”, you and your best buds are probably headed out together this Halloween. An easy group costume is the iconic Taco Bell sauce packets. Use these tutorials from Tanamontana100 and Rclbeauty101 to spice things up!

Morticia Addams

Are you an “Introvert”? Then the perfect costume for you is someone like Morticia Addams! This easy makeup how-to from Madeyewlook Twice is sultry and fun!

Hillary Clinton

If you’re a regular “Gossip Gal”, you’re ready to be the start of a conversation. Hillary, Donald, or any other pop culture icon is perfect for you. Use these tutorials from Kat Sketch to create your political costume.

Share your Halloween creations with us on our social media pages! If you’re interested in learning how to create makeup looks like these, check out our cosmetology program and contact us for more information!

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