May 30, 2018

Cosmetology Careers in Oswego, Illinois

As you approach your final days in your cosmetology program, you’re likely doing a lot of research about various career options. Or maybe you’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for years and are now wondering what other options you might have. Whatever your reason identifying your dream career, Hair Professionals Career College has your back. Here are all the cosmetology jobs you can obtain near Oswego, Illinois.

Spas, Salons, and More In Oswego, Illinois

If you came to Oswego to attend school at Hair Pros, you’ve probably decided you’d like to stay in our little village after graduation, and you definitely can! Whether you’re a graduating student or an experienced professional, there are plenty of options available to you; all you have to do is find them.

Salon Life – Oswego

Salon Life is a lovely spa utilizing all of the latest techniques and methods. If you were to work at this salon right in the heart of Oswego, you’d be a quick walk or drive to plenty of local restaurants, and you’d be happy knowing you’re working for a salon that truly cares about its clients.

Refined Beauty – Naperville

Interested in a relaxing atmosphere? Refined Beauty offers more than just haircare. If you studied esthetics with Hair Pros you can stretch those muscles with Refined Beauty. Just outside of Oswego, you can still enjoy the small town life while working at an upscale salon!

Anne K Salon & Spa – Aurora

If you loved the skincare and makeup aspect of your training with Hair Pros, you’ll undoubtedly love Anne K Salon & Spa. Not only do they have hair care, they also offer their customers massage services! Your customers can enjoy having more than one option when visiting this lovely salon.

A cosmetology student cuts a woman's hair.

Chrysalis Salon & Spa – Oswego

Combine your love of skincare, nail technology, and hair at this lovely and established salon. They put great emphasis on natural treatments, and you’ll feel classy as you’re surrounded by shining chandeliers all day. Chrysalis Salon & Spa will take care of you!

Neo Bella – Naperville

Neo Bella will be sure to welcome you! If you want to develop your talents in an upscale local salon rather than at a national chain, Neo Bella is the place to be! This excellent salon is located just a half hour drive from our Oswego campus.

Studio Luxe – Naperville

This amazing spa was recently named one of America’s top 200 salons! You can’t go wrong with their professional atmosphere. Think you have what it takes to work at an award-winning salon? They’ve made it easy for you, just apply here.

A woman with dark hair and silver glitter on eyelids looks down for a beauty aesthetic.

Urban Elegance – Wasco

Interested in more than just hair and nails? Urban Elegance also happens to offer hair removal services! If you’d like to show your fresh new skills, try replicating some of their “signature styles.”

Wild Hare – Marengo

Exercise your hair skills in more ways than one at this top of the line salon. Wild Hare will help you expand your skills and you’ll enjoy the upscale atmosphere. If you find that you love working with bridals, Wild Hare is the place for you. You can apply here.

Salon Aria – Woodridge

This salon has been voted one of the best salons in the western suburbs. They have done work on many celebrities for TV shows and hair magazines! If you want the opportunity to cater to celebrities and locals alike, consider applying at Salon Aria.

Cosmetology Instructing

Although we love the salon life, don’t worry if it isn’t for you! If your passion for beauty stems from helping others, you might want to consider instructing. You can prepare future beauty professionals for amazing careers that they love. Hair Pros even offers programs on instructing, and we are always happy to welcome graduates to interview with our administrators.

Hair Pros in Oswego, IL

We are so pleased every time we see Hair Pros graduates go on to achieve their dream careers. Our Oswego location is fortunate to be close enough to plenty of reputable spas and salons, but that doesn’t mean that a graduate couldn’t go on to be a beauty professional anywhere in the world. We encourage our students to exceed their own expectations, and we know that each of them is capable of great things.

Are you looking for a career in the beauty industry but you’re not yet a student or a graduate? Hair Pros is always accepting new applicants to each of our programs! If you’d like to work in one of these great salons or spas, or you’d even like to become an instructor, you can call us at 630-554-2266 or text 708-430-1755. We’d love to meet with you!

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