September 28, 2018

Community Feature: Great Clips

Last month we had the opportunity to get to know Alice Madeja, a local Great Clips franchise owner here in Illinois. When she recently stopped by Hair Pros, she couldn’t stop raving about our recent graduate, Marayah Perez, so we wanted more information from Alice on what makes graduates like her so impressive! Alice was able to provide some amazing insights, and we’re incredibly proud of our students that make an impact like this!

About Alice & Great Clips

Alice Madeja is the successful and proud owner of four Great Clips locations here in Illinois. You can find information about each of her locations below:

Palos Park
13002 South La Grange Road
Palos Park, IL 60464
Oak Forest
5536 159th St
Oak Forest, IL 60452

3800 Vollmer Rd STE B
Flossmoor, IL 60422

Tinley Park
7212 W 191st St
Tinley Park, IL 60487

Great Clips is a national hair salon franchise with over 4,000 locations across the country. Great Clips is a fantastic place for beauty school graduates to explore because it can provide excellent experience working in a fast-paced salon environment where you could perform 20 or more services each day. Great Clips is a place where students like Marayah Perez have been able to thrive!

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Marayah Perez at Great Clips

When Alice couldn’t stop saying great things about our alumni Marayah, we simply had to know what the magic was that made her such an incredible cosmetologist! Alice gave us a ton of feedback that highlights what we love about our students and illustrates how any cosmetologist can improve themselves to be better beauty professionals.


One of the first things that Alice mentioned about Marayah is that she is extremely professional. Marayah is always open to learning, receptive to feedback, and she brings a positive attitude to the salon. She always comes dressed professional and ready to take on the day.

Team Player

Alice also says that Marayah goes above and beyond with her team at Great Clips. The salon nis team-based, rather than individually based, so she strives to bring the team together and work very hard. Her presence is uplifting and she strives to brighten the room with her smile each day!

Patient & Caring

Alice emphasized that one of the big ways that Marayah stands out is by how much she truly cares about her clients and what she does for them. She takes the time to make sure she understands her clients and takes great care of them, regardless of if there is a language or communication barrier. We know we can trust Marayah with any client that comes through our doors!

Positive & Persistent

At Great Clips, Marayah can do as many as 20-25 clients each day, which can be exhausting by itself. She performs each and every service with a smile and positive attitude, all the way from the first one of the day to the last one before going home. She gets people in her chair that have problems from their home life, and when they’re greeted and taken care of by Marayah, she helps to relieve some of their troubles while they’re in the salon. She even checks in with Alice to see how she’s doing when she has the chance to visit Marayah’s location!

Stylist cutting hair with comb

Pointers For Future Beauty Professionals

We asked Alice what she thought our students should know about applying to work at salons like hers, and she offered some incredibly helpful pointers. She says that passion and professionalism are essential to be an outstanding candidate. Make sure you’re on time for your interview, that you’re dressed professionally, and that you’re wearing your best smile. All of these things can show a potential employer that you are serious about wanting to work for them! First impressions are important, so make your impression a positive one!

Learn With Hair Pros

Getting an inside look like this helps us to know how to prepare our students for life after beauty school. If you have a passion for cosmetology, esthetics, and nails, we have programs that can provide the basics. Contact us to learn more about how you can change you life!

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