February 8, 2018

7 Spring Hair Colors to Try!

The seasons are changing once again and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Spring is coming and we could not be more excited. With the change of season, everyone is in the mood for personal change, more so in their style. A fresh new color can be exactly what you need to welcome in the spring excitements. Here are some of our favorite hair colors.

Beach Sand Shade

woman with light brown hair wearing a red tank top

The warm weather brings out the surfer girl in all of us! A sandy brown or dirty blonde will give you the warmth that matches the weather. This color reminds us of the sand at the beach and now we can’t stop daydreaming about it. Imagine this color with some beach wave curls!

Golden Rose

back of woman's head who has pink hair

Rose gold has been standing tall as the “it” color. I mean just look around, you’ll see phones are that color, jewelry, nail polish, even home decor! It makes sense that coloring your hair rose gold is on trend.

A Subtle Red

woman with red hair wearing glasses brushing her hair out of her face

Sometimes diving into the deep end can be really intimidating. Going from your traditional color to a deep red can be little overwhelming. It’s all about baby steps. If you’re looking to go red but not ready for that type of commitment than we have the perfect color for you. We are drooling over this subtle red! Does it get any better?

Lovely Lavender

woman with purple hair leaning against a mural

We spoke too soon, apparently it does get better! Lavender will be seen in the blooming flowers come spring as well as on the streets. Lavender is a popular hair color that we are loving. And remember, just because something is popular doesn’t mean you won’t stand out. All eyes will be on you!

Brunette Baby

brunette woman wearing sunglasses leaning against a mural

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean you have to lighten your hair. Make your eyes pop with something dark and broody like this beautiful brown. With everyone going light, you’ll definitely be turning heads by rocking an enchanting brunette.

Tickle Me Pink

woman with pink hair laughing and texting on her phone

Keep things light and fun with a pink hue. Take your blonde hair and dress it up! Nothing says “spring” like the color pink. And believe it or not, you CAN pull it off!

Night to Day

woman with blonde hair holding her arms out on a hike

Have your hair match the changing seasons by gradually going from dark to light. Ombre is the perfect hairstyle to begin the process of changing your hair color. Especially if you are wanting to go a lighter color but want to take it slowly.

Make the Change Today!

If you’re like us, then you have been inspired to make a color change. Come into one of our salons to get a fresh new look! *Book an appointment today.

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