November 16, 2017

5 Holiday Hairstyles Inspired by…Food

The holiday season has arrived! It’s an exciting time of year when we get to spend quality time with friends and family. Fancy feasts, old traditions, and parties are all coming up. What’s not to get excited about?

Well, there is one thing:

Not knowing what hairstyle to adopt for the holiday season!

Here’s a few hairstyles that are inspired by some of the foods that you will probably be enjoying in the upcoming weeks and months.

1. Cherry Pie

This hairstyle is perfect for the holiday season. It compliments the colors of fall and the red that is commonly found on holiday decorations.
hair color inspired by cherry pie

2. Hot Chocolate

Drinking hot chocolate by the fire with your peeps has been a fall/winter favorite since the beginning of time. If this is one of your favorite things to do during the festive season, maybe you should try this gorgeous hair color!
hair color that looks like hot chocolate

3. Caramel

One of your neighbors or friends will probably bring you some caramels in the next few weeks (and if they don’t you probably need to move). This awesome blend of blonde and red hair color was inspired by caramel and would make for a perfect seasonal hair color!
hair color that looks like caramel and chocolate

4. Apricot Chocolate

Here’s two foods that don’t typically go together, but the hair colors inspired by them go together perfectly! If you go for this hot hairstyle it’s sure to turn heads during your holiday get togethers.
hair style inspired by apricot

5. White and Dark Chocolate

Giving chocolates at Christmastime has been a time-honored tradition since the 1900s. Adding dimension to your look has never been so irresistible! This color combo inspired by white and dark chocolates is definitely a sweet looking style.
white and dark chocolate colored hair

Learning Hair Color

If you love checking out different hair colors like this a career in cosmetology might be a great fit for you. Contact us to explore the possibility of working toward your dream job! We can answer your questions about cosmetology school and help you get started.

Need a New Style?

If you’re ready to try one of these colors or styles out with your hair, visit our student salon.* Our students can give you the look you’re going for. Get ready for this holiday season at Hair Professionals Career College!

*All services are performed by students under the supervision of a licensed professional.

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