December 21, 2017

About Hair Pros – Excellence in Education

An education is cosmetology can be an exciting and intimidating adventure that changes lives! Hair Professionals Career College keeps that change at heart and strives to ensure a positive change for its students. There are many beauty schools out there, so we’ve come up with just a few of many reasons that Hair Pros is a stand-out school in the industry.

Compassionate Counselors

Each Hair Pros campus has an education counselor that helps each students education. They provide guidance and support to ensure that students have an exciting and educating experience. The counselors do this because to Hair Pros, students are individuals and not just numbers. This individualized attention is one way that Hair Pros is truly special!

Experienced Educators

Every one of our educators are seasoned cosmetology professionals with a great deal of salon experience. Some instructors even have as much as 10 years or more behind the chair! This allows our educators to provide an education rooted in real-world experience to try to help the students to be more successful. These staff members also have references and connections that allow them to be a vital resource for our students. Without this talented cast of educators, Hair Pros wouldn’t be the same!

Recently Remodeled

The Hair Pros campus has been recently remodeled into a place that feels more like a cutting-edge salon than it does a school. We believe that for students to work effectively in a salon that they should learn in an environment that’s as close to a salon as possible. Allowing students to work with top-of-the-line equipment in a beautiful facility will help them to potentially transition seamlessly from Hair Pros into a professional salon.

Prolific Professional Guest Speakers

In addition to an all-star cast, at Hair Pros we invite guest speakers from the professional world to come to Hair Pros. They take the time to and speak to and interact with our students. They are the examples of not only what you can learn as a cosmetology student, but what you can become. They are a source of incredible inspiration for us and our students every year. Just a few of the guests we’ve had in the past include:

  • Luis Alverez – Co-founder of Aquage
  • Anthony Cole – Sebastian Internal Design Team Artist
  • Stephen Moody – Dean of Education at Wella Professional Worldwide
  • Leo Bisinha – Advanced cutting instructor from Sassoon Academy
  • and many more

Business Training

No matter which career you choose to go into, you will either work at a business or own a business. Either way, it’s important for our students to learn some business fundamentals to help them to be successful. Hair Pros students are educated on business basics to help them stand out in the crowd.

The Hair Pros Difference

If you’re a Hair Pros student or alumni, what did you love about our school? What stood out to you as the reason you wanted to attend cosmetology school here? If you’re a new student or someone considering cosmetology school, what about Hair Pros stands out to you? Share your comments and questions with us on Facebook!

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