July 17, 2017

3 Signs Cosmetology Might Be Your Calling

Cosmetology is a career field filled with passionate, hardworking people. There are tons of different reasons that people have chosen to enter into this booming industry, but we’ve narrowed down 3 of the big signs that prompted others to pursue a career in cosmetology.

1. You Totally Know What These Hairdressers Are Talking About

On Hairbrained (a networking site for hairdressers), a user posed the question, “How/why did you become a hairdresser?”, and it turns out an overwhelming amount of users felt the same way:

hairbrained poll

Maybe your dolls rocked bobs one day and pixie cuts the next. Maybe your sister had some really cool bangs for a few months after you and your safety scissors created a new hair design for her. Maybe your grandmother used to get a perm at the salon in town and you were always there beside her. Whatever your story is, if your childhood dream has been to cut hair, work with others, and change lives, this is 1 sign this might be your calling.

2. You’re An Artist

Paint+canvas, makeup+faces, or hands+clay. Whatever your medium is, you’re an artist, and you want to make that your livelihood. Cosmetology can provide you the chance to take your expressive nature and turn it into a career. Whether you want to specialize in hairstyling, coloring, or makeup artistry, you can’t wait to see what people think of what you’re creating!

A career in cosmetology can also mean the opportunity to work for a brand or product manufacturer, and with that, comes the chance to become an ambassador or platform artist. Presentations and trade shows can mean your chance to step up on stage and help set the trends of the season.

3. You’re Unique

Cosmetology school is different than traditional college and even most high school settings. If you’ve never thrived in lecture halls and standardized testing, you might enjoy cosmetology! Here at Hair Professionals Career College, we allow our students the chance to hone their skills and practice their art on our salon floor. You don’t have to worry about being stuck in a drab classroom all day every day during your time here!

Is It a Sign?

Ready to begin your transformation from unique, creative hobby artist to cosmetologist? It starts with an education. Check out our Cosmetology program, and contact us today to find out how to get started!

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